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Sheila has been dancing and aerobicizing for almost 20 years.  She competed in International ballroom and Latin dancing for over 5 years and was a USABDA National Finalist.  She's studied belly dancing and performed at various venues in the Bay Area.  She has also performed as a member of PB&G's High Maintenance Salsa/Jazz team and in various local community musical productions.

Sheila regularly takes lessons in various forms of movement, even yoga, to expand her knowledge and bring her students new moves and rhythms.  Sheila introduces a new song and routine in every "dance fitness party,"  sometimes incorporating maracas, dance ribbons or other props.  Sheila uses 70% Zumba ® or international music and 30% from her personal style (including swing, hip hop, ballroom and musical theater).

Sheila feels the passion in the music she chooses.  She matches fun moves to the rhythms in the song so that her students can feel the music.  All of Sheila's songs are choreographed so that you repeat the same move for the whole chorus, another move for the verse, a 3rd move for the instrumental section and so on.  No song has more than 6-7 moves.  There's enough repetition to make each routine simple and enough change to make it exciting!  

Sheila believes in safely working out every muscle in the body during 1 hour of Zumba ®.  A slow warmup prepares the upper and lower body for lots of chest, hip, shoulder, leg and abdominal action with dancy, but simple low impact moves.  She always ends with a cooldown/stretch and believes that increased flexibility leads to a greater range of motion, and therefore more fun and more fat burning.  Students have so much fun that they don't realize they are burning between 500-1000 calories per hour!    

Sheila is a member of the Zumba Instructor Network ® and a Zumba® instructor at Dance Effects. She has also taught cardio dance, hi/low aerobics, cardio kickboxing, belly dancing, and ballroom dancing.  When not teaching Zumba®, she is language coaching  and running Smooth English®, an ESL and accent reduction training company. http://www.smooth-english.com

She has a master's degree in teaching English as second language, so she's a teacher at heart, not just a dancer.  She loves to explain any move she does.  Just ask!

Private Lessons?   Are you a new teacher looking to improve your cuing? Confused about a move?  Looking for more confidence to move to the front of the class?  looking for body movement confidence? Or simply looking to optimize your movements to make the most of your Zumba and workout?  Sheila can brush up your movements from the inside out.  You can ask her questions after class (free on Sunday), or make a special appointment ($65/hr).  Also check out her technique blog and videos! (more coming soon).  Then ask her questions after class to make sure you understood what you practiced in the videos.

Looking to Improve your posture?   Sheila wants her students to get the most out of Zumba and life in general by starting out with good posture and erasing bad habits.  Sheila recommends Barbara Maloney for Alexander Technique lessons. 
Need to improve your diet?   Sheila recommends Asha Mithal - a Fitness Nutrition Specialist for learning about how to change your diet to lose weight and keep it off sustainably. 
Contact Sheila at sheila@zumba-sheila.com  See you at her next "dance fitness party!"