Ya feel me?




My Story

I have been dancing for over 25 years.  I competed in International ballroom and Latin dancing for over 5 years and was a USABDA National Finalist.  I've studied belly dancing and hip hop and performed at various venues in the Bay Area.  I have also performed with PB&G's High Maintenance Salsa/Jazz team and in various local community musical productions.

A slow warmup focusing on all body parts prepares you for lots of hip, chest, ab, arm, leg and foot action.  And a stretch cooldown with yoga elements improves your flexibility and prevents injury.  I feel the passion in the music I choose, whether Latin, hip hop, ballroom, showtunes, Arabic... I match fun moves to the rhythms in the song so that my students can feel the music.  Lately, I have been adding smile and facial expression choreography to the music to increase feeling and trigger endorphins!  Songs change from day to day, so no one gets bored.  

On Saturdays, we use Zumba Toning Sticks for over half the class.  We use 1.5 pound and 2.5 pound maracas, which you can buy online.   It adds muscle toning and spice to our dance!

I am a member of the Zumba Instructor Network ® .  I'm a teacher at heart and when not teaching Zumba®, I am language coaching  and running Smooth English®.  http://www.smooth-english.com