What to Bring to Class

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Just bring 1) a water bottle, 2) comfortable workout clothes (Zumba cargo pants dry quickly and leave you without that sweaty feeling) or even a swirly skirt over a pair of leggings to spice up your dance.  I like tennis skirts- the less fabric touching your skin, the less sweaty you'll feel. 3) a towel, headband or handkerchief- anything to keep the sweat out of your eyes. 4) cross trainer shoes (the less tread the better.)  Arch support, cushioning, flexible soles and ventilation are important too.  A pivot point on the bottom will help you turn and twist more freely.  Currently, I wear Zumba brand shoes  or Asics Gel.Noosafast or Asics gel-fit Sana cross training. 5) Dancesocks or shoe gliders on Tuesdays  (The floors are washed on Tuesday mornings and get a little sticky.)

.  The Aasics gel-fit Sana are awesome and feel like slippers yet have support.  They are so comfortable and allow for a flexible foot.  They come in a variety of colors.  See the link below!  I have also worn and liked Nike Musique (snug for narrow feet) or Ryka Transitions or Influence (roomier, great ventilation) and Ryka Studio D are great too.  Note that I wear a size 8 in all Nikes and Zumba brand, but an 8.5 in Asics and Ryka.  To keep your shoes from sticking on our wood floors and to protect your knees during twists, it's also great to have Shoe gliders, such as Dancesocks.  Check my blog to learn: How can I protect my feet during Zumba? 




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